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Durch die Verpflichtung der Schüler, bis Abschluss der 10. Jahrgangsstufe zu den in der Stundentafel festgelegten Unterrichtsstunden fünf flexible Wochenunterrichtsstunden einzubringen, bekamen die Wahlfächer so viel Zulauf, dass das Angebot auf über 50 Angebote ausgeweitet wurde.

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Elternbeirat besucht Englisch-Talentwerkstatt

´Fit for Uni featuring Patricia Steinberger´

First things first: What´s the English term for ´Elternbeirat´, then? Unlike the quite unusual ´Einwohnermeldeamt´ that concept does exist as parents´ association, parent board or parent´s panel, to name but a few.

Be that as it may, Patricia Steinberger, a member of Seligenthal parents´ board afforded us happy few, the English talent course, the pleasure of having her as a special guest on July 5 2016.

In the course of the school year, the elective with a specific focus on composition, semantics and short prose developed into a rather preppy think tank dealing with various forms of short fiction, which is why we were able to proudly present an astonishing body of evidence to Mrs. Steinberger. In fact, she was of the opinion that we should definitely publish the amassed volume of stories and dialogues covering a wide array of topics and themes from thrilling myth to unheard- of travel accounts, perhaps even in a follow-up course or project.

In the session proper, inventive high finance crime short stories set in present-day Moscow were presented by students, who had read an article on the Russian capital´s economic development beforehand. Given the level of difficulty of the New York Times article, it was reassuring to see that students came up with a number of creative approaches ranging from factual analysis to fantasy genre. Talk about magic realism!

One main trait of the course has been international und poly-cultural English usage, which became clear as early as in the first half year when students went to Munich university to attend Prof. Cindy Ott´s lecture on urban gardens so as to widen their knowledge of settings in literature as well as recent developments in multicultural US society.

In a similar vein, student interaction made for enhanced local and international students´ language skills, with phraseology and intonation being mastered by international students from Croatia, Poland and Syria and grammar as well as questions of register tackled by German students.

Evaluating the course itself, students have been stressing meaningful political correctness, poly-culturalism, politeness and clearly asked for more lessons interpreting American and British humor as part of intercultural communicative competence.

This is why Mrs. Steinberger happened to become part of the perhaps funniest segment of the year, starring Monty Python´s Hell´s Grannies and Gangs of Keep Left Signs, who were remade by course members as pro- Scots referendum bagpipes, the infamous posh pigtail girl posse, the snack-slapping O’ Brien clan and would-be bands of hair-cutting scissors roaming the streets of London and, reportedly, post-Brexit Edinburgh.

As this uber-novel course on UK and US culture and writing is drawing to a close, there are still some fish to fry; legend has it that course instructor Mr. Ossner was referred to as Cap´America in his early life yet it remains to be seen whether there is any truth to this.

Minority Report: Even though our Syrian course participants missed out on Patricia Steinberger´s visit because of an Islamic Holiday, the intercultural encounters and learning experience impressed her just as much as an obviously workable and humorous atmosphere provided by English as a world language.

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