Seligenthal Collegiate School is introducing a "Bridge Programme" for speakers of other languages

German for Speakers of Other Languages (GSOL) will provide German language skills and intercultural competence.

The target group is focused on young ladies and gentlemen aged 10-17 years from secondary schools outside Germany.

Our Courses:
Students have the opportunity to attend a course based on their fluency level: basic, intermediate or advanced. All courses are complemented by intercultural communicative training and are taught by instructors who hold a degree in teaching German as a second language.

  • Our basic-level course "German for Beginners" is an intensive GSOL class. This course is limited to 20 international participants who attend 15 to 20 lessons per week for a maximum of one year.
  • In our intermediate-level course, students take ten GSOL lessons per week.
  • In our advanced-level course, students take part in all our regular classes and attend four additional GSOL lessons per week.

Students taking the basic and intermediate level will also study art, music, PE or other subjects from their age group to practice their newly acquired German skills and to make friends with German classmates.

The possibility of transition from GSOL programme to regular "native speaker" class is dependent on the students' progress and mastery of the German language during the school year. 

An optional programme offered is afternoon care; it includes lunch, homework supervision and a variety of extracurricular activities.

40 € per month for the GSOL class
100 € per month for afternoon care

Our GoalGSOL classes provide young persons with skills to rapidly reduce language barriers, help them to cope within their new social context, and to adapt to the Bavarian school system. Upon completion of this course students benefit from personalized counselling enabling them to select a school in the local area corresponding to their talents and aspirations (secondary, collegiate, commercial, vocational schools; university).

Our partners
The "Bridge Programme" is a new and innovative project established by the Seligenthal Foundation, the City of Landshut and the "Landkreis Landshut" (District of Landshut). It is also supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Education.

Contact and further information
Ursula Weger,
Head Teacher of Seligenthal Collegiate School (Gymnasium Seligenthal)

Maria Fischer,
Assistant Head Teacher and School Career Counsellor

Phone: +49 871 821-203


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